Monday, March 30, 2015

Super Good Week!

Hey family!

We had a super good week this week!

Our investigators are still doing well.  This week Franz invited two of his friends to come listen to us. It was a really good lesson. We were able to share The Plan of Salvation with them and the two people that came were really interested. They are going to meet with us again on Friday so we are excited.

I got to do a comp exchange with an elder from our zone this week and it was a really good day. We had some good plans set up and they all went through. Their area has been pretty hard lately and we just had a good day. We saw him yesterday and he seemed way more excited about missionary work. Hopefully he was able to put that fire into his area. 

On Wednesday, we got to do some nice service. There is a man that is in a wheel chair always asking for money on the street. He lives in the house of a member and she has to push him to the hospital every week. We were able to do it this week. He is a really nice guy and he has a good trust in him now.  Hopefully we can teach him here soon.

sancocho- Colombian chicken stew
Friday, we had comp exchanges with the assistants and it was an amazing day. I was with an Elder Ridd. He is in my group of missionaries but I had never met him until now. We were able to do a lot of contacting and we were able to find a lot of people. The better the weather the more willing people are willing to listen I have noticed. Then we ate with our bishop and he made us sancocho one of my favorite Colombian dishes. We were able to meet with a couple investigators as well as some less actives so it was a good all around day.
Yesterday was really good for us. The members did very well and invited friends to church each companionship got one reference from it. We are going to start teaching a lady named Dina. She is from Honduras. We are going to meet with her Thursday. Than in the evening we had a devotional with Brad Wilcox. He talked a lot about the house of Israel and it was really good! Learned a lot from it. Then right after we had a Easter concert. Very good day!

This week there is a lot to do. Tomorrow we have the mission leadership council at President Jackson's house, then the zone training on Wednesday, then after I'm going on a comp exchange to Cuenca, a tiny little city in the middle of no where! Kind of excited. Then we have General Conference! (watch it here) And it's Easter on the same day! How great is that! A lot of learning this week, should be good.

I got the package on Friday, we are enjoying the girl scout cookies too much!
Love you all. Hope you have a great week!

-Elder Stevenson 
                                                    More photos from our P-day in Segovia

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