Monday, March 9, 2015


 A cool park in our area

Hey Family !

The weather is soooo nice! Sounds like it was fun in California as well.
We had a really tough week! I n the end Mara didn't get baptized on Saturday. Her mom wants her to wait a little bit more which is ok. She is only 17 so we need the mom's permission and we dont want to push it. We are going to start teaching her mom just so she understands more of what her daughter wants to do. But Mara is still doing super well.  It was her birthday this week so we got her a cool blanket scarf. They are the best scarves ever! Super soft and warm. I wish they had them for guys but no. She came to church this week and everything. She absolutely loves it.
On Thursday, I got to do a super cool comp exchange with a Spaniard! There aren't very many Spanish missionaries so it was really cool. So Spanish people in the streets when you contact them don't want to listen. It's pretty tough, but when he opened his mouth every Spaniard stopped and listened. It was super nice.


We are doing exchanges with all the missionaries in our zone because we are trying to help the Elders serve more effectively and have a purpose when we visit with the members. It is basically taking better advantage of the time we have as missionaries. It has been working really well. Even just going by the members and giving them a card but then leaving right after works!  This is what we have been doing a ton because there are new "Because of Him" cards, the video that came out last Easter. so we are handing those out to members asking them to watch it then give that card to a friend. It's going really well.

This has basically been our week slow and long but very effective.

love you all!

-Elder Stevenson
Last P-Day with Elder Williams

Good bye, my friend!


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