Monday, March 16, 2015

Alcalá de Henares

This week has been really amazing! A lot of comp exchanges and a lot of time at the temple and finding miracles.

Just to start because this is the higlight of my week. Wednesday, we had the chance to go to the temple as a zone. It was really nice after not going in so long. I really enjoyed it. We started of with a spiritual high then we went and had a really good district meeting. We talked about how we need to be excited and happy about missionary work.
 Then we went to teach Mara and she is doing super well. Right as we leave the lesson, we head down into the metro, we go one stop and then here comes walking in someone I haven't seen since before the mission. It was... ITALIA!!!!! One of the Ayala Water Polo coaches!!! I freaked out and she just yelled BRYCE?!? It was soooo weird! And cool!!! She  lives in Madrid right now, teaching english at a school!! We were able to get her number so I want to try and teach her! We are still in shock that it happened! 

We had a really good week of finding. We found a lot of people. It's what we need right now to start finding new people. Yesterday we were able to get a new investigator. We have been teaching a guy named Franz for a while and he hasn't progressed. But his wife finally decided to join us, her name is Scarlet. She is super prepared. She has been hopping around churches, trying to find the truth. She was born Catholic, raised Evangelist and now she is studying with the jw´s and she just wants to know. She really liked the restoration, so we think this will help Franz and if she does what she need to, she will recieve an answer. We are excited.

We had a really cool experience on Saturday. One of Elder Hawk's converts got sealed to her husband and family and we were given permision to attend the sealing. It was a really beautiful experience to see them all in white in the temple being sealed. Taking people to the temple is an amazing experience.
In response to a letter you sent 9 months ago. I met the Braun's daughter. Send this to her parents. They would like it. (We knew the Braun's when we lived in Whittier, we both moved from the area and later our children were called to the same Mission.)

Well hope everyone had a good week! Love you all!!!

-Elder Stevenson
Alcalá de Henares


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