Thursday, August 1, 2013

First P-Day Letter!

Hello family!!!!!
Its p day! It felt  like it took so long to get here. On Thursday, we went to the temple. I did see Elder Tenney there and I showed him the picture and he remembered it all. I see him all of the time and he and I just talk, it's so cool. Right after the temple, We went to class and just went straight to work. Then we had a little orientation and I am now district leader! It's soooooo cool! My district is absolutely awesome and so is my room. Elder Matthews and Rasmussen are my best friends. I love them! The others are hard to get along with but it's ok. But those two are my best friends, there isn't a day where we aren't laughing. Oh, Elder Rasmussen talks in his sleep. He says some of the funniest stuff: He told Elder Matthews to kiss him, (must have been dreaming of a girl at home) and the next morning had no clue what we were talking about.  It's super funny. Oh yeah, from that district meeting: our mission will be trialing that fb missionary stuff!  I'm not to sure what we do yet but I'm excited to find out. I don't have much time so I will tell the important things. You have nothing to worry about with that train crash, but the elder that was in the accident, Elder Ward is at the MTC until he recovers, he needed a companion for a couple days and it was me! I got to stay in the general authorities suite with him. It was really cool, he is a great guy. After that story, I don't want to tell you this one. Don't worry all is well. We do Saturday in the park. We go to this park that is super beautiful. We take the metro to get there but don't worry, it's safe. It was super cool, we talked to 10 people in Spanish. Yes, I am getting that good already. It was awesome! We hope they investigate the church more. We also do this thing called singing on the temple steps. I'm re you can find it on youtube or fb, at least that's what other missionaries are saying. But yeah its super awesome.  This is for Sean, for exercise we play soccer in this super cool stadium a couple blocks away. It's the coolest thing!  For p day, we are allowed to leave the MTC. Today I am going on a tour of Real Madrid's Stadium and to downtown Madrid. It's going to be awesome. So, they have this stuff called gazpacho and it is the nastiest thing I have ever tasted. Just saying. Oh yeah, I gave an elder a haircut! It turned out pretty good, Letty would be proud!
Well, I have 5 minutes left and I MAY get to send another later. The spirit is so strong here. Every day I feel it, especially when we teach our fake investigators. I can say things in those visits that I have never learned in my entire life Spanish wise. It's super amazing. The spirit was so strong in the temple this morning. I just love it. You wouldn't believe the how much Spanish I already know! I love you all and I miss you but I know I'm doing the right thing and I can feel the blessings from serving. Have a great week!
Elder Stevenson

Links to info about Elder Ward if you copy them you can view the videos or articles:

This is the link to singing at the Temple, at minute marker 1:59 you can see the top of Bryce's head.  = ) 
On second viewing you can see his whole face when the guy in front of him puts his head down at the beginning but it's just a very quick glimpse.

P.S. The message was from just a random girl seated next to us on the plane going to Spain for service. She offered to send you the pic. I thanked her so much for it. Oh Yeah! I also meet a guy whose brother is on the show Duck Dynasty. I've never seen it but have heard it's hilarious. I talked to him for 2 hours in the airport and gave him a BOM, it was really cool. ok have to go, love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! I get 15 more minutes so I will talk about random little things. First to Kent: What ward are you in cuz there are like 3 Mission Viejo people here. Looks like you had fun at Disneyland and those pictures mom sent didn't show up so what were they. The teachers here are really good at soccer. One played for Real Madrid. The food here isn't that good. I have already lost like 7 lbs from exercising and food portions but I am getting enough food. My district is super cool, everyone in it is super awesome. So with our fake investigators we did ok the first time. Then Elder Rasmussen accidentally said the pope was in the BOM. Also when we went to the park an elder accidentally said we are boyfriends instead of new cuz its on letter off.  Yesterday we bombed our first lesson then killed the second and got a baptism commitment. I just wish it was real. They are telling us to get off so I have to go soon. Chad your trip to DC looked fun. Loved the pics of the kids. Hillary thanks for the advice Elder Rasmussen needs it. I will reply to most emails with a letter and it takes about a week and a half. I'm getting stamps today so on email I'm just writing a general family letter. Once again I love it here and the spirit is super strong. I love you all and I will talk next week!
Love Elder Stevenson
P.S.  tell Nate congrats and send me Dallas' and Tanner's address if possible.

Note: just in case you're curious we asked,  Hillary's advise- 1 tsp. baking soda mixed in 1/2 cup of water soothes an upset stomach. We'll leave the rest to your imagination.  = )



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