Thursday, August 22, 2013

Can you believe it has been a month!?!

Singing on the Temple steps
Hello Family!!!!
This has been a great week!!  Last week was tough for some people in our district. Some of them got sad news in their emails. I was able to be there for them and give all 3 blessings. It was the most powerful experience in my life. It made me realize the power of the priesthood and how important it is. One of the most memorable days. Even if I don't convert one soul strengthening other missionaries could be my purpose. But I will convert souls! It's crazy how many times I've talked about Grandma Stevenson here. I talked about it with one of my investigators. I feel her love for me whenever we are in the temple.
How are things going at home? Dad looks happy with his toy! Concert sounds cool! Mom are you staying busy? Can you believe it has been a month!?!
Ok my week!!!! For p day, we went to this art museum El Prado. It was pretty cool but we got bored and went to Burger King. Sooo good after weeks of CCM food.
This week at the park was wonderful! The first man we talked to in the metro was way into the church and we got a referral. He lives down the street of the temple so hopefully I can meet with him again. we talked to like 5 other people too. Super awesome, gave 2 Libros out! Great day at the park! President Sitterud takes pics at the park, he said if we tell him our parents emails he would send the pics. So look out!
We have 2 new native Spanish Elders in our room!!! We have to speak so much Spanish!! Today at the temple I did it all in Spanish!! I'm growing a lot in the language. I can read the Book Of Mormon without a translation now!! I love it!
This week when singing at the temple, I met a man and he was the friendliest man ever! Went for a hand shake and he pulled me in and hugged me so HARD!!! It was really weird/funny/sweet. One bad thing that happened Sunday is Hermana Sitterud fell and broke her arm, but she is doing well. Also Elder Rasmussen gets very loud and passionate when he's singing and he sang in his sleep. He's stepping up his game.
Mom and Dad can you tell the youth to not be afraid to share the gospel with friends? I did a lot but I could have done more. I see the importance now that it is my life. wish I had done more.
One of the Hermanas here knows Sean's old companion Elder Marshal!!! It was so funny because I saw him in a picture on her desk with all her friends. Small world.
I was looking at the picture book Chad sent and I just love and am so proud of my family. You are all the best and you raised some good (and good looking) kids. You're the best mom in the world!!!
Well that is my week. It's going very well! 2 more in the CCM then I hit Madrid!! Way ready and excited. I love you all have a great week!!!!
Elder Stevenson
quote of the week:
´¨Obedience is the price, faith is the power, love is the motive, the spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason!"
Elder Rasmussen and me in the MTC 
MTC classroom- studying

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