Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sunrise in Madrid

¡Buenos Dias Familia!
This has been a great week! Last week we didn't go to the stadium, we went to the center of Madrid instead. We saw some great sites and beautiful building,s post cards are headed your way. I got a really cool Real Madrid scarf while I was there and it hangs on my bed. Later that day, we had an Elder Holland devotional. It was great and brought a great spirit into the class room. Today, we have Elder Bednar so I'm looking forward to it. Saturday in the park was probably one of the best days of my life. We met a guy named Carlos and gave him a Book of Mormon. It made me so happy I just wanted to do a backflip. We didn't have a refearl card so we came back an hour later with one and he was reading the Book of Mormon and was already like 1/4 done! He said he really enjoyed it so we gave him a card with info for sacrament meeting. Later that day, we had a devotional with some senior missionaries and it was very awesome. They serve in the Canary Islands. Sunday was a very great day it was fast and testimony so we were able to hear some powerful testimonies. Monday-Wednesday are for sure the hardest days but they are also awesome. We have been working really hard with our practice investigators. We comitted one to baptism and we are trying to do the same with the other tomorrow. It's amazing how you can feel the spirit with a simulation investigator. It's also amazing how I can teach a full baptism lesson and say the baptismal question in Spanish when 2 weeks ago I didn't even know how to reply to como esta.
 Elder Rasmussen is the best companion ever. (I have to say that cuz he can see the screen cuz we are in the library with a 45 inch monitor) but yeah he is super funny and spiritual. It's amazing. The other week in the park his companion (cuz we switch for the park) accidently said noveos instead of nuevos which is boyfriend instead of new, you can see how that went. Hi! we are.... you get the point lol. He also says some of the funniest things fits me well, but then two minutes later he can say the most powerful thing. I am getting really good at soccer cuz we play like every day. Yesterday, I had so many goal opportunities but missed them all. It was frustrating. So that has been my week! It has been very good. I hope you are all doing well. Thanks for the Brianhead Family Reunion details, sounds like a good time. Chad thanks for your awesome emails and I got your letter yesterday on miercoles- wednesday no time to explain but its an awesome day. Oh and today we are for sure touring the stadium. It will be awesome. Well its time to go. You are all the best and I love you. Not a day goes by where I don't take out my pictures and stare at my beautiful family. Have a good week. ¡hasta luego!
Elder Stevenson
While the pics load, I'm going to write this
tell the Howe's I met a Russian man going to Tanner's mission and they both go to the field the same day.
I have to go now but I just want to say I love you and you are the best mom ever! You raised me well, I was telling the hermanas (sisters) in our district how to do laundry. You did good ma. Once again i love you tons have a great weekend in Arrowhead time to go to the stadium!!!!! bye- talk to you next week

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