Thursday, August 15, 2013

Real Madrid Stadium


It's P-Day!!!!!!!
How is every one doing?

Real Madrid Stadium
our district
This was a great week! The stadium was the sickest thing ever! We got to walk around and go on the grass and sit where the coaches and staff sit. It was rad! We also saw the KPMG building. I was looking for it and didn't think it could be the huge beautiful one but it was. it was really cool to be able to tell people that dad has done business stuff there.

Later that night, we watched a devotional from Elder Bednar. It was a great one talking about recognizing the spirit. This Saturday, the park didn't go so well but was still a great experience. I met a guy from Stuttgart Germany but he spoke English so that was nice and I gave him a pass along card so hopefully it goes well with him. Our district sang "Come Thou Fount of every Blessing" at a fireside and it went really well. We dedicated it to Hermano Larrea because he sang for us in class. BTW add him on my FB because he is our best friend and he will add pictures of us. We also sang again on the temple steps and it was really cool because we had the Area President there. We also heard from him and his wife on Monday  morning. It was a great talk. Our investigators are going pretty well. We got new ones and within 2 lessons they are going to church. Although I accidentally told my investigator I like to kill people but that was my only goof. My Spanish level is increasing really well. I can read without having to look at an English translation. Dallas sent me an email in Spanish and I understood it all.

KPMG Bldg- Madrid office

Madrid Spain Temple
 Now the funny companion stories. last night in the middle of Elder Rasmussen's sleep he starts singing and the makes a bunch of kissy sounds. I was crying with laughter. Today at the temple was super awesome. The spirit was so strong. We are going to some super cool art museum today. And yeah that's my week! I got the postcards and chad I got your package thank you so much. I love the book.  When the MTC saw it they all wanted to look at it and they love our family. Hope you have a good week and you will probably see another letter later. I love you all thanks for the love, support, and prayers!!!!
Love Elder Stevenson
Hey so I have a little more time. Haha! why are my shoes in the kitchen??
I love the pictures you sent there is a new teacher that knows Tyson Farnsworth so that picture was nice to show him.

Some other things we have been up to are just fun little things and spiritual things. Our classes are really fun. We have one teacher that is super fun and spiritual. She's the best. We have an elder who found out today that his grandmother has cancer, having been through that he asked me to give him a blessing. we turned our doffy little room into one of the most spiritual times of my life. i also gave him a blessing because he was super home sick. it was nice being district leader and helping with that but this week we got new district leaders.  I sent pics of the stadium and of the KPMG building. I hope you get them. Well, I should go soon love you!!!!!!
Love Elder Stevenson





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