Monday, May 18, 2015

#8 Teachings need to be based off people's need, therefore knowing their needs.

Hello Family! 

I'm Santa Cruz in Tenerife right now for a zone conference. It's super beautiful!

 #8 I picked this because I have been able to see the need of teaching people according to their needs. Every person is different and they accept this gospel at different rates so its very important that we know their needs. that we trust in the Lord to be able to tell us what they need. I was thinking how this could apply in the church as well and imagine how classes would be if the teachers tried to discern the needs of everyone in the class. Everyone would really learn from it.

Well, this week has been absolutely amazing! A week that was very well needed in Telde. Every one of our investigators wanted to meet with us! AND we were able to set a baptismal date with Cesar! We met with him on Wednesday and we talked a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also talked a lot about baptism and we really felt to extend the invitation to be baptized the 4th of July and he accepted! He has trouble with smoking so we are still helping him with that but he is reading the Book of Mormon and praying so we know he will gain a testimony. We are going to really focus on him coming to church because he usually goes to the beach with his family on Sundays but he is doing well.


We also were able to meet with a girl named Vannessa. She is from England and is really cool. She has been an investigator for 2 years now.  So we are really trying to focus on her receiving her answer and progressing towards baptism. On Saturday, we had the plan to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ as well. It was going really well but right as we were going to talk about baptism she brought up some doubts that we are sure she found online. We were easily able to answer every question but then she didn't have more time to talk after that so we never got to finish.

Then we met an absolutely AMAZING family from Argentina, Patricio, Ashelin and their son Bruno. We met them a couple weeks ago in the street and we were finally able to meet. They are so prepared for this gospel. It's amazing! They are all super willing to read and pray and they said they could feel the spirit as we taught them. The fact they can already recognize the spirit amazed me. We are going to meet with them again Wednesday after we get back from Tenerife.

It was a very good week. The members are way more excited about missionary work. We are also going to teach a member's friend on Wednesday. Things are going well. We just have to keep the hard work going this area really needs it. Hope everyone had a great week. Love you!!

-Elder Stevenson

Told you my shoes broke.
They are so worn out, but I have another pair.


Beauty in all directions.

Santa Cruz

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