Monday, May 11, 2015

#9 Miracles Do Still Exist

The entire mission in Madrid for training!

Hey family!

It was super nice talking to you yesterday. Thanks for all of the support!

I picked this for number nine because as I have been here on my mission I have seen miracles. From Miracles with investigators receiving their answers to Miracles of people being healed. They were things I knew existed but through these miracles I really have seen God's hand working in the lives of these people as well as in my own life. I know that he loves us and will do everything in his power to bless us.

Just a recap on the week on Friday, was my companion's birthday. We went and ate with the stake president and his family. They made us some super good chicken and potatoes and then they made banana bread and served it with ice cream on top. It was sooo good! When Elder Bigelow went to blow out the candle, he chocked on his saliva a little bit and lost his breath and so he wasn't able to blow it out. It was pretty funny.

Then we went to go teach Cesar. He had to run a quick errand before meeting with us so he went to do that and while he did that we saw a kid playing the guitar. I went and asked if I could play and so he let me and from that we were able to talk to him a little more and he is willing to meet with us. Then Cesar came over saw the guitar and sang us a made up song. It was probably the funniest thing I have seen on my mission.

Saturday, we had a branch bbq. It turned out super well. A lot of members brought their friends. One, his name is Kevin, is an 18 year old kid and has talked to one of the members and is willing to meet with us! We were also able to build more friendships with the members and excite them about missionary work because that is what is needed in Telde. The last member reference was over 3 years ago and so the missionaries have just been contacting in the street and nothing has happened. Elder Allen said this week `` If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.´´ Of course, we are going to still talk to every single person possible in the streets but something different needs to be done.

Branch BBQ

Last night, we went contacting a bit and we found a super amazing Argentinian couple. They were both really receptive and were interested in what we had to say but they didn't want to give us their reference. It was a really nice experience because right after we were able to testify to them and promise the blessings that come with this gospel and then they we very willing to give us their reference. It was nice seeing the spirit working in them showing them they need to meet with us.

Well, hope everyone is doing well. I love you all!

-Elder Stevenson

I will send pictures at the church a little bit later.

Flight to Madrid  = )

Pres. and Sr. Jackson


Elder Hawks! and friends from Madrid!

Out my window

Long Day! ZZZZZ

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