Monday, June 15, 2015

#4 How to do the Father's will

Oh, we got the iPad this week. I didn´t get one because I end this transfer but my comp has one and it's super useful for teaching and studying!

Hello family!

So I chose this for one of the things I have learned on my mission because it is something very interesting that I have seen. It is incredible how the spirit has worked in my life to put me precisly in the place or do something right in the moment it is necessary. Let me share a few amazing experiences. Shortly after Margarita's baptism in Lugo we hadn´t visited her in a while because we were focusing on helping a couple of other investigators and so we didn´t visit her for almost a week. Well one night, she was feeling sad because we hadn´t gone by and she was having feelings that we were only there to baptize her and nothing else. Meanwhile, we were in the church right after English classes and I feel the impression to call her and set up an appointment. Later on, she told us of those feelings she was having and how right then is when she got the call and it was perfect timing. Another similar experience also happened in Lugo. We were meeting with Andrea's friend Mario and he was deciding what he should really do in his life. If he really should be baptized? Right as he ends the prayer, we call only to set up an appointment. It really helped him investigate more. There are many other experiences where you feel impressions to go and visit certain people but they are not there but it puts you right into the path of another person. There was one experience Elder Hawks and I had with that in Madrid. We both felt like we should go visit  a less active that we had never met before but we had his address. It was on the edge of our area and out of the way of everything but we acted on the impression. We go, he's not there. So we decide to go back to the metro but we felt like we shouldn´t go where we came from but that there was another metro the other way. We went that way. It was a holiday that day and there was no one in the streets. Right then, we see two girls come around the corner and so we stop them and talk to them. After talking and getting their reference, one mentions how when she turned the corner and saw us she felt like she needed something we had. She saw two boys in suits and thought well its a holiday so they can't be business men. They must be men of God. I'm not sure what ever happened with her but the lesson God wanted me to learn has been clear. We need to be always worthy and willing to listen to those spiritual impressions so that he can place us in the path to bless one of his children. I have really been able to see the hand of God in my life here on the mission and before my mission thanks to the experiences I have had.

This is our Stake President. He lives in our branch and feeds us every week. His daughters just finished school and so they went to Utah for a month so we went to say  goodbye to them.

We had a very good week here in Telde this week. We have been able to meet with Cesar again. We have been praying a lot recently on what we can do to help him. He has a lot of insecurity about God. He believes in him but he feels like he has never received an answer to if he really is there or not. Also he has been praying to God to find out if what we are teaching is true and hasn´t received an answer. On Tuesday night, we were able to meet and we were really able to talk and listen as he expressed his feelings. Then it came to us why he is not receiving an answer. We can´t receive answers when we are not following Gods commandments so we asked him what his thoughts on sin are. And he mentioned what he thought and what a couple things are that his doing in his life that he feels are sins. We were able to talk about those things and help him commit to stop doing them. It was a really helpful lesson.

We also met with a guy named Martin. He has been meeting with us for a while but he works in the airport and so he doesn´t have much time to read the Book of Mormon so we have dedicated our visits to teaching based off chapters we read together. We were able to read Alma 40 and talk about the plan of salvation. We can really see his faith growing because of the Book of Mormon.

We were also able to get in contact with Patricio again and meet with him. His wife has had vacations lately so it has been super hard to meet and he also has work now too. But we met on Saturday and read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with him because he hasn´t been reading. We then talked again about the importance of daily scripture reading and we invited him to just try one verse a day and he decided to do it because he wants the same knowledge we have about these things so we made a list of scriptures for him to read. (the scripture mastery scriptures )  = )

We met a lot with our ward mission leader too talking about how to get the members involved more in the work. We have a plan to flood Telde with the Book of Mormon. We have the plan to daily hand out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon between the members and the missionaries so that way we can hand out 300 in a month. We already have the books ordered and the branch is on board. So we will see how it goes! 

Hope everyone had a good week. I love you all!

-Elder Stevenson 

Sun and palm trees. . .

and the mountains!

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