Monday, June 8, 2015

#5 Importance and blessings of the temple.

Hello Family!

I have really learned this on my mission. Before the mission I always loved to go to the temple. As you all know, right before I left I tried to go as much as possible with my friends. I could always feel the spirit and I knew it was the House of the Lord. But as I have been here on my mission, my love and appreciation for the temple has increased soooo much. Being able to go every week in the MTC really helped me feel comfort even though I had just left my family and everything. Then being able to go once a transfer really helped me get reenergized a bit but right as I went to Galicia I couldn't go! I didn't get to go for the longest time. But that is when I saw someone else go. When Andrea went to the temple weeks after being baptized to do baptisms for the dead that day was even more exciting than her baptism! The joy I felt was amazing and it really helped me know that I want to see everyone in the temple. Then being in barrio 2 in Madrid and being able to baptize 2 people that in February will both go to the temple to be sealed to their spouse. Also in b2 we had the opportunity to go to a sealing of a family Elder Hawks had taught and that day was amazing. The happiness in the faces of the family and the spirit that I felt really makes me grateful for temples in these last days and how everyone needs to enter someday.

Well, we had a pretty good week here in Telde. Very long and hard but rewarding. We had a lot of failed appointments and so it was rough but in the end it made us think of some new finding ideas so we are grateful for that.

Wednesday did turn out really well for us. We met with a less active member during medio dia. One of the big problems she has is knowing the history and the doctrine of the church. She was baptized when she was 8 but then her family stopped coming and so she drew away for a bit but she wants to come back. So we were able to share the restoration with her and really help her understand where the church comes from.

Then we met with a man named Helenio, also a less active, and we have been working with him for a while. We had a really good visit with him and he said that it was time for him to come back to church and on Sunday he came! So that was really nice.

Then that night, we were able to have a lesson at a members home. They brought their friend and it went really well! His name is Kevin. He came to a BBQ activity about a month ago and we were able to meet with him. We did it as a Family Home Evening. We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and were able to talk about how he can receive his answer. He is willing to do it and he said he wants to meet and learn more so we have planned to meet again this Wednesday.

That was pretty much our week. A lot of contacting and a lot of door knocking but we were able to find some great people. Hope everyone had a great week!

-Elder Stevenson

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