Monday, June 1, 2015

#6 Hard work and Obeidience pay off!

Hey Family!

We had a pretty good week! Super long and tiring but good!

So I picked this as one of the things because I have seen the blessings of these two things. There have been plenty of times in my mission where all you can do is just keep pressing forward, talk to everyone even though everyone rejects you and then follow the mission rules and the blessings come. There have been numerous times where this has happened and then the prepared person literally is placed there by God. I think every person that I have been able to baptize was that way. Right as things are going hard in the area and all you can do is be diligent that's when we are blessed.

This week was one of those weeks. There were a couple holidays this week here on the islands so no one could meet. As well as one of our investigators got work so it was hard to meet with him. Plus I got sick but we kept going, we kept working, and the Lord blessed us the last day of the week.

From Sr. Jackson:  Por fin - the iPads have arrived! The Spain Madrid Mission is about to become an iPad Mission! #stackedintheshapeofthetemple #onlymissionarieswouldthinkofthat #holdontightherewego #weloveourofficeleaders

We started off the week with an extra missionary in our area, Elder Guerra. He is training so we were waiting for his companion to arrive. We got to contact a lot but no one wanted to stop. Then Wednesday, we were able to have a lesson with one of our investigators. It went well. He brought up a really big doubt he had so hopefully we can help him a little more but the rest of the week was just contacting, knocking doors, passing by old investigators, but still few results.

Sunday, we found one more old investigator and we decided to walk out there (it was SUPER far) but totally worth it. The family was home and super receptive and they weren't able to meet then but we have a return appointment set up for Tuesday so we are excited. Then we were also able to meet with our Argentinian family. We talked about reading, praying, and coming to church. We really wanted them to commit to come to church and they did. They will be there on Sunday. Then at the end, we were able to get the man of the house to offer the prayer and it was amazing. One of the best prayers I have heard from an investigator. And at church on Sunday, a member came up to us and said we have a family home evening at their house on Wednesday and their daughter's friend will be there. We're super excited!

So the week was hard but rewarding. Love you all have a great week!

-Elder Stevenson

My new mission Facebook profile pic :P

La Garita, super nice

Look how clear the water is. 

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